Phil Trubey

RSFA May Board Meeting

Lot splits, budget, golf club, new regulations, art jury, and lighted village window signs were among the topics discussed.

More About That Anti-Building Resolution

The RSFA Board's Art Jury IDR process is badly flawed.

So, you want to sue your HOA?

Should you, could you, would you sue your HOA?

RSFA May Board Meeting Preview

The Association's annual budget meeting is this Thursday. Well worth a listen to understand how our money is being spent.

Coronavirus Mid April Update

We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some stats of where we are now, and some predictions about the future.

RSF Association’s First Virtual Board Meeting

Updates about the fiber Internet network, golf club restaurant, Art Jury and more during our first ever virtual board meeting.

Coronavirus Local

Coronavirus: Local impacts, effects and even some potential supplements to take.

What’s Open/Closed in RSF

A list of stores/services/restaurants that are open in Rancho Santa Fe during the coronavirus situation.

Coronavirus and COVID-19

While there is no reason to panic, there IS reason to be careful.

Board Meeting: Steady As She Goes

Recap of the March 5 board meeting.