Phil Trubey

Golf Club Restaurant Online Reservations

Online restaurant reservations have been made more accessible via the Association's website.

RSFA October BOD: Steady As She Goes

Next year's RSFA Assessment rate is unveiled, high density development is discussed and more.

I Heard You About Noise Regulations

What next for a possible gas powered leaf blower ban or noise regulation?

RSFA Board Meeting: Battle Edition

A summary of the September RSFA Board meeting.

ACH Program Reducing Account Delinquencies

Make your life easier and simpler by signing up for the RSF Association's ACH program.

RSFA Strategic Planning Meeting

My rundown of what transpired during the RSFA's yearly strategy meeting.

New Village Street Sign Toppers

New road sign toppers are being installed in the Village.

No PO Box? No Problem!

Options for getting a PO Box and also home mail delivery.

RSFA Board Mtg: “Degrees of Happiness”

Interesting results from the community survey are revealed.

Sponsorship Opportunities for RSF Open

A bigger and even better RSF Open is coming to the tennis club this October.