Phil Trubey

New Lighting Regulation Would Make Rancho Pitch Black

The new exterior lighting regulation is so restrictive that absolutely zero light may leak from one property to the next.

More Dog Park Feedback

Members sound off on a possible dog park.

Roger Rowe School Board Lifts Mandatory Mask Mandate

Roger Rowe students have now been given the option to wear or not wear masks, joining many other schools around the state.

Dog Park Idea Worth Pursuing

A rebuttal to Rory's pushback against my idea of a dog park.

SB9 Not Dead Yet For RSF

Developers are lobbying politicians to get rid of the "HOA loophole" in SB9...

RSFA February BOD: Art Jury, Art Jury, Art Jury

The substantive things that occurred in the February 2022 RSFA Board meeting.

Fairgrounds Bid Rigging Affecting Horsepark

The Horsepark RFP award got slowed down due to a brewing public corruption scandal involving the Fairgrounds amusement ride contract.

Of Dog Parks and Vacant Land

There is a demonstrated need for a community dog park in Rancho. Let's get it built.

RSFA January Board: Progress

RSFA Board approved some items that will make a positive impact.

West Palm Events To Manage Horsepark

Horsepark might resume operations by as early as this summer.