Phil Trubey

RSFA April 2021 Board Meeting Recap

Short, quick recap of the significant items from the April RSFA board meeting.

The Player’s Club Controversy

I attempt to distill the Player's club controversy into bite sized chunks.

Horsepark: Incompetence, Corruption or Laziness?

Doesn't look like Horsepark will re-open this year the way the 22nd DAA is handling the situation.

RSFA March BOD: Changes

Significant changes are being proposed in our building codes.

Elections Have Consequences

Another RSFA election season is almost upon us. It isn't too late to throw your hat into the ring.

Horsepark Ghost Town

The 22nd DAA has been sitting on a proposal that would fix all their problems, financial, water mitigation, everything, for 5+ months.

A Community Building Experiment

RSF Post is going to host zoom sessions with local cutting edge private companies. Let's see how well this works!

How To Properly Test Your Internet Speed

Most people aren't testing their Internet speeds properly leaving them thinking their ISP is at fault.

New & Existing Homeowner Resources

Really useful information and links for new and existing homeowners to the area.

Starlink Internet Available For Pre-Order

Starlink is now available for pre-order for those that don't have access to RSF Connect fiber Internet.