Phil Trubey

Response to Rob Whittemore’s Email

Staff harassment is strictly off limits.

Odds and Ends From Last Week’s Board Meeting

Phil Trubey clarifies a few items from last week's Board meeting.

Golf Course Permit, Part 2

Association Board member Phil Trubey gives an update on the Golf Course Remodel permit saga.

The Changed TV/Internet Landscape

Streaming TV is now supplanting DirecTV as the go to way to get your linear TV content.

How Not to Win Friends and Influence People

Current RSFA Board Member Phil Trubey describes Phase 3 of the Golf Course Remodel project and questions why the San Dieguito Planning Group is opposing it.

Seaside Equestrian Tour Update

Quick opening night review of the Seaside Equestrian Tour taking place now at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

RSF Association Clubs and Amenities

Handy list of all Association clubs and amenities for all HOA members.

Local Resident’s Equestrian, Music Concert and Carnival Extravaganza

Local Rancho resident is the maestro behind this amazing equestrian and performing arts event you won't want to miss.

Please Welcome (Back) Our New Editor

The Post welcomes back Rachel Laffer as editor as Phil Trubey found that he was wearing too many hats as an Association Board director.

The Coming Artificial Intelligence Tsunami

The last half of 2022 had some mind blowing advancements in Artificial Intelligence.