Phil Trubey

RSF Connect Fiber Update

Progress continues!

Roadside Rocks

Help keep our roads safe and prevent accidents by reporting rock strips alongside our roads.

Upcoming RSFA Strategic Planning Session

If you only attend one RSFA meeting all year, this might be the one...

Fields, Trails, Roads and Playgrounds

Recreation related news: playing fields, bathroom, playground and watch out for paving crews!

Riding Trails Made Unsafe by Association

Beware fiber boxes on horse trails. Will the Association properly fix this?

Board Meeting Recap: July 2, 2019

Recap of the July 2, 2019 RSFA Board meeting.

Board Looking to Pass Restrictive Fence Resolution – Part 2

The Board has a bee in its bonnet about wanting to restrict our property rights.

Transparency, Accountability and Governance

The incoming Board has a lot of options should it decide to increase transparency and accountability.

Cellular: Can You Hear Me Now?

It would behoove the Association to pay attention to cellular.

Fiber Update: Race Meeting

RSF Connect is LIVE!