Terry Peay

No Freedom of Speech at the RSF Post Office?

Apparently not everyone can campaign in front of the Post Office.

Let’s Look at the Big Picture!

Terry takes exception to Allen's op-ed.

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Let's be civil in our debates.

Define Ourselves with Progress and Positivity

Terry gives his thoughts on our community.

Are We Living in Washington, D.C. or Rancho Santa Fe, CA?

Before we start slinging mud, let's wait and see what we are arguing about.

Studies & Realtors Agree, Health Club Will Increase Home Values For...

Last week, a Covenant member authored a letter to the editor titled “Comparisons” opposing the construction of a community Health Club. Among...

PIC Group Responsible for Divisive Campaign Tactics

RSFA board campaign endorsements.