RSF Village BLM Protests Escalate

The RSF Village BLM protests are escalating. It is now being run by an adult from Oceanside and there is no end in sight.

Letter: Please Support The Columbarium Project

The Rev. Dr. Jack Baca asks for your vote in favor of the columbarium covenant modification.

Respect. Trust. Power.

My Sunday afternoon rant about bubbling frustrations between the Board and the Art Jury.

Readers React to Jack’s Story

Readers react to "Jack's Story".

Sparks Fly As Board Prez Appoints New Art Juror in Special...

Short simple RSFA Board meeting to appoint a new Art Juror isn't so short and simple.

Marlene’s Water News

Marlene King talks about the fiscal 2021 budget for the SFID.

Water Leaks: How To Potentially Save Thousands of $$

I really didn't want to believe what the computer screen was telling me...

RSF Connect July Update

We hit our baseline financial milestone for the number of customers connected. And I give thoughts on where we are with the ever evolving WiFi standards.

RSFA July Board Meeting: Failure to Cooperate

Contentious RSFA Board meeting. More regulations headed our way.

Our Most Important Election, Part 2

Election season has started! Read on to learn what happened at last night's annual general meeting.