Our Most Important Election

Association board election is coming up and candidates must nominate themselves in just over two weeks! Please consider running, and here are some issues to ponder.

Board Meeting: Quick Hits

Good news with a sprinkling of concerns.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Communications, and great coffee, makes for a better community.

Columbarium Update

We appear to be headed towards a Covenant amendment vote.

SFID Rate Hearing Redux

Marlene King gives her considered thoughts on the latest water rate increase.

Broadband Options for Non Covenant Households

For those that can't get RSF Connect fiber network, here are some other options.

RSF Connect Review

Yours truly gets RSF Connect and much rejoicing is heard. Read my review.

The Changing TV Landscape

Television is rapidly transforming. Here's an overview of how it's changing and where it's going.

Technology Integration Companies

Here's a list of technology integration companies to help you with network upgrades.

SFID Increases Rates As Expected

SFID Board voted 4-1 to raise rates starting February 1st. Marlene King offers her critique.