Is the 22nd DAA Being Truthful About Horsepark?

New information questions the 22nd DAA's stated reason for Horsepark's closure.

RSFA January 2021 Board Mtg: Worth Reading

Interesting meeting that touched on a diverse set of topics.

Why Are We Subsidizing Osuna’s Customers?

Osuna's board rates are below market. Why?

22nd DAA Shuts Down Horsepark, Throws Out Tenants

The 22nd DAA is shutting down Horsepark for all shows and evicting seventy horse boarders with no information given as to what comes next.

Odds and Ends

Have something you want to get off your chest? The RSF Post has many ways you can communicate.

Rose Rohatgi: Please Contact Me About Your Concerns/Ideas/Spirit

As newly elected RSF School Board trustee, Rose Rohatgi is reaching out to our community to solicit your input.

Fiber Internet Update: Power Outage Edition

Our precarious electrical grid highlights the need for reliable Internet as well as needing to plan for backup power.

RSFA Board Meeting: Art Jury and Regulations

The RSFA Board seems stuck in a time loop treading over the same ground over and over and not actually accomplishing anything. Hmm, maybe that isn't a bad thing.

RSFA Board Meeting: Everything Else

Snack bar wind wall approval, tennis court improvements in limbo due to finances and an expensive and unnecessary fence to be built at Osuna.

RSF Village Barber Shop Re-Opens

Village mainstay, RSF Barber Salon, is now back in business and ready for clients.