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    We now have better Verizon coverage

    Before Christmas, you might have noticed bucket trucks working on our micro cellular antenna system along the side of the roads. Frank Creede also noticed and asked them what they were doing. They were upgrading the poles to allow Verizon to use them. I just checked, and I now get strong...
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    Duplicate Bridge?

    Does anyone know if there is a duplicate bridge club active?
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    PLEA: Anyone recommend home IT consultant?

    Does anyone here have a good home IT consultant they can recommend? AV guys that set up TVs, whole home sound systems, etc. often don't have the expertise for LAN cabling (cat 5/6/7) and WiFi.
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    Cyprus connection

    If you look at their special RSF Connect web site at they say that half of the zones have been released for home installation, but it doesn't tell you which half! Based on old information, the Cyprus area looks to be one of the last areas to be released, so it may...
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    Backup Power

    The bill says I used 6 kWh of energy over that 15 minute period (1/4 of an hour). Energy is defined as power used over time. Power is defined as the amount of work being done at a moment in time. SDGE bills you for energy (kWh) since how much power you’ve used over time is what matters to...
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    Backup Power

    No, not particular to me. Let me explain by working it backwards. Remember that kW is the amount of power being used instantaneously (as in right at this instant), while kWh is the amount of energy used over a period of time (not necessarily per hour, but just over any unit of time, even as it...
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    Backup Power

    Use this thread to discuss backup power generation.
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    Do It Yourself drop conduit

    That does sound odd. Is it a permission thing? The neighbor paid for the conduit and thus would have to give you permission to use it? Have you talked to your neighbor about it? I'd have to see the actual location to comment further.
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    Sports field bathroom(s)

    Thread to discuss potential bathrooms at our sports fields. Articles on this subject so far:
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    Cars and Coffee

    Here's a video from the Rancho Santa Fe Classic Car Club:
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    Post here to give your thoughts on Rancho Santa Fe traffic. Here's my modest suggestion:
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    Imitative Wood Siding

    I asked "With regard to maintenance, is it your contention that wood maintains better for longer than hardboard?" and you didn't answer.
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    Imitative Wood Siding

    Sigh. I talked to all your points in my reply above, and in your response, you ignore all my points and questions.
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    Imitative Wood Siding

    To be clear, the CDRC is asking for only Hardie Board, not generic hardboard. So complaints against generic hardboard are not applicable. If a homeowner pays for Walnut and gets hardboard, well, what can I say? Clueless person meets crook and bad things happen. As far as matching goes, of...
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    Imitative Wood Siding

    Are you talking specifically about HardieBoard branded board?