Rowe is floundering


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Nov 14, 2019
For those who might not be aware, R. Roger Rowe is floundering. The new school year rollout has been a disaster. However, it isn't that surprising. When the school doors opened in September, they opened with no school principal, two newly appointed rookie assistant principals, an obvious shortage of para-professionals, zero staffing in the library, no certificated elementary science teacher, and $125.00 a day substitute teachers filling in for classroom teachers on extended leave. Teachers, admin, and aids were running around in complete disarray trying to fill holes in every department. From scrambling to make sure there was enough coverage on the playground, a locked school library, and no teacher training or coaching provided on the newly adopted science and math programs, the school was completely disorganized and unprepared. It felt like a business doing a soft opening.

In the next upcoming weeks it was announced robotics was being scaled back and students would only be able to enroll for a half year versus the full year. Also, only one elementary school teacher volunteered to teach robotics this year. Three of the $125.00 a day temporary substitute teachers filled some of the vacancies. The elementary choir program was also sliced in half for some students. Now the younger grades are only able to attend choir once a week for a total of 40 minutes, versus hour long sessions twice a week like years prior. Nobody was even aware when band and choir practice started. The answers varied among the teachers, assistant principal, or music director. Most found out through word of mouth or walking by the band room and hearing the loud noise of instruments playing. It took weeks to figure out what days and times band and choir would officially take place. One morning a large group of the younger students eagerly showed up an hour before school to attend choir. The only problem was, the choir teacher wasn't there and choir wasn't even scheduled that day. Again, leaving teachers holding the bag, and forced to answer questions and complaints from frustrated parents losing their patience.

Eventually, the school assigned a para-professional to oversee the library and a new elementary science teacher was hired. Not much else has been rectified. Only now are teachers receiving training for the new science program. The newly adopted "Everyday Math" curriculum is a nationally panned flop. One only has to Google "Everyday Math" to find out it doesn't meet California Common Core Criteria. It has overwhelmingly poor reviews, has been abandoned by several other school districts, and has its own "Parents Against Everyday Math” Facebook page. Leadership also made a uni-lateral decision to hire a previous San Diego Unified School District employee to coach and train our new assistant principals. This decision was made in lieu of hiring a school principal at this time. At what cost and expense, who knows? Will they be hiring a school principal in the future? Will one of the rookie assistant principals be promoted to school principal? I'm sure somebody knows, but it isn't being discussed or addressed with the community. The hemorrhaging of money and lack of transparency continues.

The one position left completely intact and untouched was that of the school CBO. His pay is just shy of 200K when you combine salary and benefits. The CBO position was created in 2016. He is the #2 top wage earner at the school below the brand new Superintendent. He parks his new Tesla in The Association parking lot every morning instead of the dirt parking lot where teachers and other school employees park their cars. Rowe is one of the the only school districts in San Diego County employing an actual CBO. Neighboring districts (Cardiff, Solana Beach, Del Mar) with a much higher student population, multiple schools, larger volume of employees, and more moving parts, pay a fraction of what Rowe pays for school accounting. The CBO title comes at a hefty price tag. Why not repackage this position and return to employing a school accountant like Lindy Delaney did throughout her tenure? Isn't it a huge conflict of interest to cut so many positions and programs that directly impact the students, while justifying paying yourself an outrageous salary?

Meanwhile, the school board PR/spin machine is working overtime attempting to convince the entire community that FINALLY, at long last, good governance has taken over and the school is better than ever! The main goal of the School Board seems to be making sure their reputation isn’t tarnished and creating a positive public perception. We are constantly inundated with glowing newsletters and self congratulatory emails claiming what an extraordinary year Rowe is having. It’s clear the objective is to dupe the community into believing everything is perfect and all of their poor miscalculated choices have produced massively successful results. It's false advertising, completely dishonest, and far from being transparent. Roger Rowe School is completely unrecognizable!
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