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May 9, 2019
Some thoughts about the 4S cut through AND the turn restrictions in the Ranch
A daunting future for life here with heavy traffic.

Where is this going? What is it supposed to do? Is it just a few signs and a small short cut to bandaid some irritations?

IF you live in 4s and do want to go west then you have to go down to Ted Williams and over (now). The cut through would allow people to use Del Dios to commute into 4S. Traffic on the 5 is about to flow better due to the Freeway widening. Why do they need this? Of course they would want it. Wouldn't you?

If you are in west Escondido and want to go to 4S then this is the cut through for you. This places a potentially huge load on Del Dios and the future pressure to widen Del Dios to a full blown freeway.

So who wants this again? The County? Are they here to help us with our traffic issues like the Corp of Engineers did to the Mississippi? They are NOT your friends or here to help you. They want one thing; bigger highways for more traffic. They will project bigger demands and want to accomodate them. They don't consider the self-regulating aspects of choking traffic. When too many cars use a road people look back to the appropriate highway instead of the back route though people's neighborhoods.

SIDE NOTE: What has WAZE and Google Maps done for you? It has redirected people through neighborhoods on surface streets where you have no business commuting. The roads are for people to get to their houses but the Apps redirect traffic down their roads. This is the mantra of this proposal. The cut through redirects people away from the freeway and on to secondary roads instead. So the solution becomes make them bigger roads and justify it by the demand that you created. (please also note it took the Navy to engineer the trolley going to Lindbergh Field and SANDAG and the City of San Diego seem to have prevented it.) So don't believe for a minute these planners are worrying about the collateral damages (you.)

NOW, the map with the turn restrictions is (okay stupid) a mis-direction. Like the kind of thing a magician uses to fool you by redirecting your attention away from what he is really doing. So traffic can't go from Encinitas, right onto Montevideo to the 4 way STOP sign but must go to Del Norte and then to an uncontrolled STOP sign where people can't get out right now. The line to get out (already death defying) will be huge and dashes across traffic by frustrated drivers will result in a few spectacular accidents. Pressure will mount for a light or roundabout. This makes Del Norte a major roadway with a choke on the Rancho Santa Fe Road/ Encinitas end. So the traffic is to go back to Fortuna and El Mirlo over to Encinitas. The City of Encinitas? They don't have to do anything. This does nothing about traffic coming west into Encinitas, just leaving and going east. And by the way the Manchester/I-5 interchange is close to finishing it's redevelopment for more traffic.

And Via de la Valle is about to get widened!! HELLO!?!? You do see this coming. They are setting up the pieces and will connect them.

The cut through only helps people in 4S cut through the Ranch and we become a highway adjacent community. 4S people moved there and they are an I-15 community. The use of the lighter roads for their use will shift habits and create demand for bigger roads. The main collectors should be used for the heavy lifting of this type of traffic to the freeways and not as alternatives to using the freeway.

Roundabouts and wider roads. Haven't heard eminent domain yet but it will be coming to a property near you in the foreseeable future.

The turn signs are not going to solve anything (as much as I hate the traffic driving by me on Fortuna and the 4S cut through is a cleaver into Del Dios, as if it needs more cars. Start thinking about how to choke the flow to make it less attractive and people will drive elsewhere.


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Aug 13, 2019
For the long term get a TBM and start just after via de la Valle and alzada del bisque and make a tunnel for through traffic that comes out at or behind Cielo - it should accommodate 2 lanes in either direction. Future proof. Costs partially offset by gain in property tax values - especially Cielo homes if the tunnel can come out behind it.....🤔

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Mar 5, 2020
When is the the RSFE going to realize that RSFE is NOT the 17 mile drive in Monterrey? The roads are public domain, RSFE Is NOT A subdivision nor ever will be. And the Covenant cannot be fenced around the 5,00 acre perimeter! Oh the lawsuits! Wait until somebody gets killed turning over on the Boulders on the side of “the public road” not if, but when.