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Tippy Top, this is Todd Neal. You should be more precise and careful with your comments. First, the Association does not pay for Golf Club communications such as The Divot. Second, I didn’t write “nasty things” about Dick Clotfelter. I wrote that he said the Golf Club is not a private club and I pointed out that he is a resident of another state. Those are both accurate statements. I did not mention his age or business history. Third, I did not break any rules or laws by advocating for candidates Simpson and Atkins. Think about it; I’m the President of the Golf Club, any duty owed by me, fiduciary or otherwise, is owed to the members of the Golf Club who elected me. Fourth, no one told me to stop advocating for Simpson and Atkins nor would I have relented if they had. I was 100% within my rights to advocate for the Golf Club.

Instead of continuing with wild conspiracy theories and woah is me martyrism, I recommend some humble self reflection. Perhaps it was a bad idea for Mr. Clotfelter to take such a radical position relative to the Golf Club. We have over 600 members who have collectively paid approximately $30 million in initiation fees and tens of millions in monthly dues. Can you not understand that it is offensive to our members to be told the Golf Club is not a private club after the investments we’ve made? Look beyond yourself and your own emotions and hot buttons. The election was a landslide. Mr. Clotfelter lost by more than 300 votes. That is unequivocally indicative of a failed strategy not unfair treatment.

Todd Neal