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Where is Todd Neal’s admission that claiming on 5/17 that Heather Slosars noting RSF Inn guests getting tee times is “100% false” was in fact wrong.

And that at the April RSF golf club board meeting the Presidents update agenda item specifically covered Inn at RSF guest play.

In fact the operating plan of the golf club with a May 1 updated file name specifically mentions Inn at RSF guest play and a requirement they use caddies to avoid slow play.

The Inn staff reports they were able to book times but were told about two weeks ago the golf club wont take tee times from the Inn this summer to prioritize members. But that it might resume this fall.

Fact is there is an agreement between the Inn and golf club the president ignored while denigrating Slosar.

And the fact that Inn guests were able to play without a member present would negate the “initiation fee” argument against allowing options for resident play.

We have a nice restaurant (check out the new chefs dinner specials – they’re great) that is under utilized in the evening.

And a golf course with only 29000 rounds a year that is underutilized in the afternoon. Compare to Torrey at 80000 rounds for a single course (yes that’s an extreme).

But more resident non member 9 hole rounds late in the day could gin up good cash for maintenance and encourage better use of the dining room after rounds.

It’s time for leadership that takes a holistic modern view of this community asset.