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Buddy – the current governing documents of the golf club, of which you are President, are the source of ‘false’ information.

The current Plan of Operation labeled ‘PLANOFOPERATIONMAY12024’ states


Bonafide registered guests of The Inn, subject to the Membership Rules, will be allowed guest playing privileges upon payment of the applicable daily sponsored green fees. Guests will utilize the service of a mandatory fore caddie to eliminate slow play.”

The current Rules and Regulations contain multiple references to Inn guest play

Section 6 d:

d. Charges: i. All charges incurred by sponsored guests (unaccompanied by a member) will be billed to the sponsoring member. All charges incurred by a guest from The Inn will be billed to The Inn.

Section 8 b i:

b. Starting Times: i. Sponsored guests, not accompanied by a member, and guests of The Inn will be assigned starting times after 12:00 noon PST and 1:00 PDT. The Golf Professional staff may make exceptions to these times when appropriate.

If these are an ‘error’ then how can that happen under competent leadership? The governing docs are not complex or lengthy.

The ‘old’ fee schedule with the Inn rates was clearly labeled 2023/24.

That ‘mistake’ stayed there for four years based on your claim, and through multiple revisions. If that’s not well tended, what else isn’t within the org and operations plan?