Topic: Bylaws

Board Update: Candidate Drops Out, Amended Bylaws Sent to Residents

Bylaw amendment to get around low voter participation is proposed.

Board Meeting Recap

More village parking coming soon.

Board Starts 2017 with New Voting Rules

Board meeting recap.

RSF Votes to Approve Amended Bylaws

RSFA 2016 Bylaw changes have been passed.

Vote “YES” on Ballot to Approve Amended Articles of Incorporation and...

Genesis of our odd two votes per household and other items explained.

Important Message About RSFA Articles & Bylaws

Fred Wasserman addresses some misconceptions and answers some questions about the bylaw changes.

Vote Yes to Approve Amended and Restated Articles and Bylaws

Fred makes the case to vote for the bylaw amendments.

Community Vote on RSF Association Bylaw Update Begins August 24

Bylaw amendments are going out for a vote.