Topic: Cellular

RSF Infrastructure Committee Update

Frank Creede gives us an update on 5G wireless, fiber and other topics from the infrastructure committee.

Board Meeting Recap: July 2, 2019

Recap of the July 2, 2019 RSFA Board meeting.

Cellular: Can You Hear Me Now?

It would behoove the Association to pay attention to cellular.

Building Personal Infrastructure (Part 2)

You can get rock solid cellular in your home with this one simple trick...

An Open Letter to Rancho Santa Fe Residents

A plea for going forward with proposed large scale projects.

FAQs with Board President Ann Boon

Ann provides updates on a number of issues.

Association Board Reconsiders Path to Improved Cell Coverage at March Meeting

Board decides to look for alternatives to cell towers.

Cell Tower Town Hall Draws Big Crowd

Pros and cons of cell towers were discussed with lots of solid information shared.

RSF Board, Do Not Vote For Cell Towers

Say no to cell towers.

Community is Encouraged to Attend Monday’s Cell Coverage Town Hall Meeting

Town hall meeting about cell towers.