Tag: Internet

Fiber Update From General Meeting

Summary of the RSF Connect update the Board and Race gave us at the General Meeting last night.

Fiber Update: Your RSF Connect FAQs Answered

Phil gives a quick update and answers some frequently asked questions.

RSF Connect Update: Best Estimate First Customer Service in June

Progress on the central office and what's up with the annoying road work?

Fiber Network Update and Information

Construction progress report and a look at the equipment that will go into your home.

Shift the Focus And I’ll Bet the Ranch

Will the Board learn and stop making the same mistakes?

The Net Neutrality Apocalypse

Phil breaks down what Net Neutrality is and is not.

RSF Connect Landslide!

Wow! What a hugely positive vote this was!

Hall’s Presence and the Covenant’s Future

Rachel reflects on Bob Hall's quiet competence and what it means for RSF Connect.

Last Piece of the Puzzle

Phil gives an overview of the RSF Connect fiber network architecture.

RSF Connect Mailer: A Summer Reading Must

The Association sends out an informational flyer on the RSF Connect project.