Topic: Internet

Race TV Alternative Recommendation

My recommendation on how to transition away from Race TV's traditional offering which is going away by October.

The Changed TV/Internet Landscape

Streaming TV is now supplanting DirecTV as the go to way to get your linear TV content.

RSF Infrastructure Committee Update

Frank Creede gives us an update on 5G wireless, fiber and other topics from the infrastructure committee.

How To Properly Test Your Internet Speed

Most people aren't testing their Internet speeds properly leaving them thinking their ISP is at fault.

Starlink Internet Available For Pre-Order

Starlink is now available for pre-order for those that don't have access to RSF Connect fiber Internet.

RSFA January 2021 Board Mtg: Worth Reading

Interesting meeting that touched on a diverse set of topics.

Fiber Internet Update: Power Outage Edition

Our precarious electrical grid highlights the need for reliable Internet as well as needing to plan for backup power.

RSFA Board Meeting: New Approaches

Common sense prevails at this largely positive, informative, and constructive board meeting.

RSFA 2020 Strategic Planning Session Results

Want to know what the Association will tackle this fiscal year? Read on.

RSF Connect Update August Edition

RSF Connect continues to perform and a deadline for a discounted install looms.