Topic: Internet

RSF Connect July Update

We hit our baseline financial milestone for the number of customers connected. And I give thoughts on where we are with the ever evolving WiFi standards.

RSFA June Board Mtg: Quick Hits

Quick hits on what happened during the RSF Association June Board meeting.

RSFA May Board Meeting

Lot splits, budget, golf club, new regulations, art jury, and lighted village window signs were among the topics discussed.

RSF Association’s First Virtual Board Meeting

Updates about the fiber Internet network, golf club restaurant, Art Jury and more during our first ever virtual board meeting.

RSF Connect: “Subsidy” Explained

If you haven't had your installation yet, and especially if you haven't ordered service, you should know about the subsidy program.

Board Meeting: Quick Hits

Good news with a sprinkling of concerns.

Broadband Options for Non Covenant Households

For those that can't get RSF Connect fiber network, here are some other options.

RSF Connect Review

Yours truly gets RSF Connect and much rejoicing is heard. Read my review.

The Changing TV Landscape

Television is rapidly transforming. Here's an overview of how it's changing and where it's going.

Technology Integration Companies

Here's a list of technology integration companies to help you with network upgrades.