Topic: Internet

The Net Neutrality Apocalypse

Phil breaks down what Net Neutrality is and is not.

RSF Connect Landslide!

Wow! What a hugely positive vote this was!

Hall’s Presence and the Covenant’s Future

Rachel reflects on Bob Hall's quiet competence and what it means for RSF Connect.

Last Piece of the Puzzle

Phil gives an overview of the RSF Connect fiber network architecture.

RSF Connect Mailer: A Summer Reading Must

The Association sends out an informational flyer on the RSF Connect project.

Groundhog Day Be Gone!

Measurable progress is being made on the fiber Internet project.

Building Personal Infrastructure (Part 2)

You can get rock solid cellular in your home with this one simple trick...

Tech Committee Reviews ISP Proposals

The technology committee is now deciding which Internet Service Provide will run our network.

Tech Committee Presents Update on Fiber Project at May Meeting

Work with the fiber design firm is on-going.

Groundhog Day in Rancho Santa Fe

We've been at this for 6 years and the end is nowhere in sight.