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Fiber Update: Your RSF Connect FAQs Answered

Phil gives a quick update and answers some frequently asked questions.

RSF Connect Update: Best Estimate First Customer Service in June

Progress on the central office and what's up with the annoying road work?

RSF Connect Update: Upscale Interiors and Backbone Conduits

Rain has been delaying the central office building construction. Conduit vaults.

Fiber Network Update and Information

Construction progress report and a look at the equipment that will go into your home.

Fiber Construction Update: What is Next?

The central office site is now under active construction.

RSF Connect Construction Update: A New Milestone

With the arrival of grading machines, a new milestone was reached this week. The central office, which will house all the fiber...

RSF Connect Construction Update

Conduit and construction techniques.

Fiber Construction Starts

Construction started September 1, 2018

Shift the Focus And I’ll Bet the Ranch

Will the Board learn and stop making the same mistakes?

The Net Neutrality Apocalypse

Phil breaks down what Net Neutrality is and is not.