Topic: Internet

Association Board Prepares Intersections Survey, Approves Next Phase of Fiber Project

Lots of stuff going on these days, including a new lawsuit against the Association.

Fiber Network Could Increase Average RSF Home Value $50,000 – $60,000

High speed Internet is becoming a necessity in today's world.

Rancho Santa Fe On Stage at Broadband Convention in Austin

RSF community members present our broadband efforts at a conference.

The FCC, Broadband Communities, and Rancho Santa Fe’s Fiber Project

Legalities with respect to owning our own fiber network discussed.

Rancho Santa Fe Association moves forward with plans for ‘fast, reliable’...

RSFA hires consultant to help them figure out fiber optic network.

Board Moves Forward on Fiber Broadband Project

Board funds Magellan Advisors to prepare technology plan.

Board Biz: We need you to listen, comment and vote!

Ann talks about two hot button items.

Fiber Feasibility Survey Mailed to RSF Residents

Residents take matters into their own hands to move high speed Internet for RSF forward.

RSF Board Meeting: Parking, Mabee Development, and New Manager

A potpourri of subjects came up at the latest Board meeting.

Fiber Optic Network Expert Meets with Rancho Santa Fe Board

Magellan Advisors provides information to the RSF Board about high speed Internet.