Phil Trubey

Of Dog Parks and Vacant Land

There is a demonstrated need for a community dog park in Rancho. Let's get it built.

RSFA January Board: Progress

RSFA Board approved some items that will make a positive impact.

West Palm Events To Manage Horsepark

Horsepark might resume operations by as early as this summer.

The Art Jury Appointment Do-Over

The Association is opening up self nominations for Art Jury again. I explain why.

RSFA’s Secret “Open” Board Meetings

Oops. They did it again. The Association held a special Board meeting and forgot to tell anyone about it.

Board Communication Poll

A few quick questions about how Board communications could be improved.

Richardson Field Bathroom Construction Started

Four and a half years after the RSF Post complained about the Association's permanent porta potty, bathroom construction has begun!

RSFA November Board Meeting: Inside The Sausage Factory

More divided votes, but generally positive RSFA Board meeting.

Diving Into The Association’s Budget

Association finances explained. Honest, it is more interesting than it sounds.

Encinitas Defers Goodson Apartment Vote

See inside for an informative video super cut of the City Council meeting.