Phil Trubey

RSFA: September BOD: Beware As-Builts!

Quick update on the September Association Board meeting.

Poll: Ban Gas Powered Leaf Blowers? Other Noise Regulations?

Poll time again! Should we, could we have a ban on loud gas powered leaf blowers and other noise regulations?

Race TV Alternative Recommendation

My recommendation on how to transition away from Race TV's traditional offering which is going away by October.

Giving Back To The Community

If you have the means, please consider helping out community organizations and clubs.

When Lawsuits Become Abusive

Mr. Strong's lawsuit is harming the RSF Association in various ways.

August RSFA Board: Community Involvement

Community members helping each other was the theme of this month's Board meeting.

Judge Rules Against ERRD, Goodson Cleared To Build

Judge rules for Encinitas, 250 unit apartments on our doorstep are cleared to be built.

Pickleball Courts

RSFA Board granted a variance to allow a homeowner to build a pickleball court.

Goodson Apartment Project Court Ruling Expected in July

Statement from ERRD regarding the court hearing on the Goodson apartments.

Assisted Living Facility Now Proposed for Gateway Project

An assisted living facility is now being proposed for the Gateway project at the gas station site.