Phil Trubey

Water Leaks: How To Potentially Save Thousands of $$

I really didn't want to believe what the computer screen was telling me...

RSF Connect July Update

We hit our baseline financial milestone for the number of customers connected. And I give thoughts on where we are with the ever evolving WiFi standards.

RSFA July Board Meeting: Failure to Cooperate

Contentious RSFA Board meeting. More regulations headed our way.

Our Most Important Election, Part 2

Election season has started! Read on to learn what happened at last night's annual general meeting.

RSFA Board Candidate: Michael Sperlinga

Meet RSFA Board candidate Michael Sperlinga.

RSFA Board Candidate: Rick Sapp

Meet RSFA Board candidate Rick Sapp.

RSFA Board Candidate: Paul Seitz

Meet RSFA Board candidate Paul Seitz.

RSFA Board Candidate: Ted Butz

Meet RSFA Board candidate Ted Butz.

RSFA Board Candidate: Greg Gruzdowich

Meet RSFA Board candidate Greg Gruzdowich.

It’s The Art Jury’s Fault

What is the Art Jury? What does it do? And why is it so controversial?