The Changed TV/Internet Landscape

Streaming TV is now supplanting DirecTV as the go to way to get your linear TV content.

SEL and School Boards: The Latest Culture War Cocktail

If you want to witness the latest culture war, attend a school board meeting.

Good Governance Is the Way Forward

A properly functioning Association and good Board oversight require information, truth, and following the law.

Turn Out the Lights for Starry Nights

The importance of our dark-sky policies and how they protect our starry nights.

RSFA Rule-Breaking: A Roadmap

Former RSFA Art Jury President Rob Whittemore ponders how the RSFA can enforce rules on members when it refuses to play by them itself.

RSFGC: The Thriving Go-To and Value-Add for All Members

The Ranch's Golf Club President debunks "baseless rumors," and describes the world-class benefits of our community's flagship asset.

True, False, or a Little of Both

Association Director Scott Thurman refutes arguments made in a recent article about non-golf HOA members.

How Not to Win Friends and Influence People

Current RSFA Board Member Phil Trubey describes Phase 3 of the Golf Course Remodel project and questions why the San Dieguito Planning Group is opposing it.

Non-Golfers Don’t Get a Vote

Former RSFA V.P. and Board Member Heather Slosar writes about how non-golf HOA Members are subsidizing the Golf Club, but not getting a say.

SFID Rate Hikes Kick the Keg Down the Road 

Former SFID Director Marlene King urges neighbors to take action and protest the District's latest move to hike water rates even higher.

When You Buy in the Ranch, Go by the Book 

Current Art Jury Secretary Kelli Hillard shares why it's critical to review the RSFA's Residential Design Guidelines before starting your Ranch remodel.

Who Needs Rodeo When We’ve Got Paseo

While most residents are not into Paseo becoming Rodeo, our little town has been authentically upping its game and a lot is coming online to revitalize our village.


RSF Association Clubs and Amenities

Handy list of all Association clubs and amenities for all HOA members.

New & Existing Homeowner Resources

Really useful information and links for new and existing homeowners to the area.

The RSF Arboretum

The RSF Arboretum is a great resource for homeowners looking to plant new trees.

Water Leaks: How To Potentially Save Thousands of $$

I really didn't want to believe what the computer screen was telling me...

Broadband Options for Non Covenant Households

For those that can't get RSF Connect fiber network, here are some other options.

Technology Integration Companies

Here's a list of technology integration companies to help you with network upgrades.

Lots and Lots of Community Events!

There are a lot of active local organizations that are worth checking out.

How to use our Riding Trails

We can all enjoy our trail system: here's how to do it safely.

Reporters Wanted

Want to give back to the community and like talking to people?

Cellular in your Home

Explainer on how you can get solid cellular service in your house, even with poor cell reception.

Undergrounding Power Poles: What’s Stopping You?

You can take matters into your own hands and underground your own power poles.