RSF Post Mission, Vision & Values

  • The Mission of The Rancho Santa Fe Post is to foster community engagement through the reporting of news and information that matter to the residents of Rancho Santa Fe. 
  • Our Vision is to provide a publication where members engage one another in fruitful discussion to preserve and maintain the character of Rancho Santa Fe set forth by the Covenant’s master plan.
  • We Value our history, rural landscape, Latin architecture, and governing documents that help preserve the Rancho Santa Fe way of life – and especially our neighbors who have mutually agreed to join with one another to protect it. 

History of RSF Post

The RSF Post was originally created in 2014 by local resident Nick Krnich, who was committed to increasing voter turnout in local elections by registering more residents to weigh in on the candidates and issues critically affecting them. Too much power and information were being monopolized by too few people. The RSF Post was instrumental in changing that. 

In late 2023, the RSF Post suffered a loss of content and format, and had to be recreated. Rachel Laffer assumed the role as editor again, and assembled a group of members to serve on the Post’s Editorial Board to help guide the content reflecting the Ranch’s wide range of demographics and perspectives. 

Guidelines for Submissions

Publication of article submissions are determined by the RSF Post Editorial Board. All content must be consistent with the RSF Post’s Mission, Vision and Values in order to be considered for publication. Photos submitted that include recognizable people, especially children, must have written permission from the individuals in the photo, including the parent or legal guardian of the child. 

The RSF Post editorial board reserves the right to reject editorial submissions that do not support the Post’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Guidelines for RSF Post Member Forum 

Member forum discussion must be civil and consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values of the RSF Post. Any discussions on the Member Forum that include personal attacks, obscenities, or defamation will be removed by administrators. 

RSF Post is Not Affiliated with the Rancho Santa Fe Association

The RSF Post is not affiliated with the Rancho Santa Fe Association or its staff or Board. Members wishing to communicate with RSFA Board members or staff, may contact them directly at  https://www.rsfassociation.org