Topic: Equestrian

HITS Now To Operate Horsepark

HITS is replacing West Palms Events as the new Horsepark operator.

Horsepark Update & Other Equestrian News

Contract negotiation for Horsepark grind on while a new local show circuit will take place at the fairgrounds.

Fairgrounds Bid Rigging Affecting Horsepark

The Horsepark RFP award got slowed down due to a brewing public corruption scandal involving the Fairgrounds amusement ride contract.

West Palm Events To Manage Horsepark

Horsepark might resume operations by as early as this summer.

Horsepark Development + Operations RFP Issued

If everything goes right, horse shows might come back to Horsepark mid 2022.

22nd DAA To Issue RFP for Horsepark Operations

Potentially good news on the Horsepark closure front.

Horsepark: Incompetence, Corruption or Laziness?

Doesn't look like Horsepark will re-open this year the way the 22nd DAA is handling the situation.

Horsepark Ghost Town

The 22nd DAA has been sitting on a proposal that would fix all their problems, financial, water mitigation, everything, for 5+ months.

Horsepark Closure Blamed on Enviro Groups, New Meeting Scheduled

Just the possibility that environmental groups might sue the bankrupt 22nd DAA is the given reason for the Horsepark shut down.

Is the 22nd DAA Being Truthful About Horsepark?

New information questions the 22nd DAA's stated reason for Horsepark's closure.