Topic: Golf

RSF Golf Club Hits 528 Members, Highest in 14 Years

Planned initiation fee increase spurs new signups, and when will course be open again?

RSF Golf Course Trees Still In Limbo

Tree replacement not on the Association's to do list.

RSFA August Board Meeting

Jammed packed board meeting with lots of interesting things for everyone. Three other articles related to this board meeting were also published.

RSFA Member Input August 2021

Member input that was sent to the RSF Association board in advance of the August 2021 meeting.

Golf Club Abandons Wind Wall Project

The project to build a much needed wind wall for the golf club snack bar has been abandoned. Here's why.

RSFA July Board: Like Pulling Teeth

New board president Bill Weber was so looking forward to a short simple board meeting. Ha!

Association Violating Own Rules in Golf Course Renovation

The Association's golf course redesign project is violating a bunch of Association rules.

Opinion: Golf Course Redesign Should Have Consulted Experts

Robert Deruntz gives his opinions on the currently on-going golf course redesign.

RSFA May 13 Board Meeting: Budget and Regulations

I distill down a looong meeting into what I hope are entertaining and informative bite sized chunks for easy digestion.

Look At What Has Happened in Rancho Santa Fe!

Three members provide information about golf club changes made at the last board meeting.