RSFA’s Under-the-Radar Resolution Denies Our Democratic Rights

Once again, our Board gets an F for transparency.

Board Looking to Pass Restrictive Fence Resolution

The Board is looking to interpret the Covenant to restrict fence placement.

Fiber Network Update

See the zone map which shows the order in which installs will be performed.

Association to Share Restaurant Deficits

Surprise! Association members will now pay half of restaurant deficits.

RSFA 2019 Election Results

2019 election results are in. Read all about it here.

Of Bolsheviks and Basic Services

Rachel's latest newsletter recapping an eventful month.

Don’t Wait For Race

Phil recommends you install your own conduit to the street for the fiber network.

Golf Club: Digging into the Numbers

The Golf Club continues to be on sound financial footing.

Support the Bylaw Amendment, Candidate To Protect Our Rural Ranch

Please support the Bylaw amendment and a recommendation for Board candidate.

RSF Post Celebrates Its five-Year Anniversary!

We celebrate our five year anniversary with an interview with Nick Krnich.

Elect A RSFA Member Who Will Represent Us All

Lisa tees off on the Golf Club finances and endorses Bill Strong for RSFA Board.


How to use our Riding Trails

We can all enjoy our trail system: here's how to do it safely.

Reporters Wanted

Want to give back to the community and like talking to people?

Water News: Signing up for the AMI Water Usage Portal

How to use your new fancy electronic water meter to save yourself trouble and money.

Cellular in your Home

Phil Trubey explains how you can get solid cellular service in your house, even with poor cell reception.

Undergrounding Power Poles: What’s Stopping You?

You can take matters into your own hands and underground your own power poles.