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About the Rancho Santa Fe Association and its Board

Staffing Shortages and What It Means

Unusual times demand staff flexibility. We need to give it to them.

RSFA June Board Meeting

A recap of the June RSFA Board meeting.

RSFA Election Results

Election results from the 2022 RSFA Board election.

The Importance Of Voting

Courtney LeBeau asks that you make sure to vote in the RSFA Board election. Make your ballot count!

Phil Trubey for RSFA Board

Phil Trubey answers questions relating to his bid for Association Board director.

Courtney LeBeau for RSFA Board

Courtney LeBeau discusses why she is running and why she will be a good Board member.

Scott Thurman for RSFA Board

Scott Thurman outlines his vision for his Board candidacy.

Laurel Lemarié for RSFA Board

Laurel Lemarie gives her pitch as to why she should be re-elected for RSFA Board.

RSFA May Board Meeting: 2023 Budget

The fiscal 2023 budget was presented along with a schedule of fee increases.

RSFA Election: Flyers

Official election flyers for the 2022 RSFA Board election.