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About the Rancho Santa Fe Association and its Board

SB9 and SB10 Are Now Law

The Association is trying to see if we are exempt from SB9 and/or what we can do to become exempt.

RSF Open Tennis Tournament Coming Soon

Save the dates for the RSF Open Tennis Tournament. Sponsorship opportunities available.

RSF Golf Course Trees Still In Limbo

Tree replacement not on the Association's to do list.

Board Again Fails To Overturn Hardie Board Ban, Will Try A...

Two board meetings in a row where the Hardie Board ban almost got overturned. Will the third time be the charm?

The Covenant Needs a National Historic Designation

Holly Manion argues for RSF to seek national historic designation.

RSFA August Board Meeting

Jammed packed board meeting with lots of interesting things for everyone. Three other articles related to this board meeting were also published.

The Notorious RDG

The board continues in its campaign to try to neuter the Art Jury.

“CA Bill SB9 Would Destroy RSF”

SB9 could be an eventual existential threat to Rancho Santa Fe, and indeed, every HOA.

25 RSF Vineyards Band Together to Form Vintners Association

The RSF region is host to over 25 vineyards who are looking to gain recognition as a wine growing region.

RSFA Member Input August 2021

Member input that was sent to the RSF Association board in advance of the August 2021 meeting.