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About the Rancho Santa Fe Association and its Board

Of Dog Parks and Vacant Land

There is a demonstrated need for a community dog park in Rancho. Let's get it built.

Bill Strong’s Rebuttal to Bill Weber

Bill Weber and Bill Strong trade accusations.

RSFA January Board: Progress

RSFA Board approved some items that will make a positive impact.

Why The Art Jury Appointment Do-Over Is So Problematic

Bill Strong explains how the Art Jury selection process ignored the Protective Covenant and why this is a problem.

The Art Jury Appointment Do-Over

The Association is opening up self nominations for Art Jury again. I explain why.

RSFA’s Secret “Open” Board Meetings

Oops. They did it again. The Association held a special Board meeting and forgot to tell anyone about it.

Board Communication Poll

A few quick questions about how Board communications could be improved.

Richardson Field Bathroom Construction Started

Four and a half years after the RSF Post complained about the Association's permanent porta potty, bathroom construction has begun!

RSFA November Board Meeting: Inside The Sausage Factory

More divided votes, but generally positive RSFA Board meeting.

Diving Into The Association’s Budget

Association finances explained. Honest, it is more interesting than it sounds.