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About the Rancho Santa Fe Association and its Board

Local Architect: Do Not Ban Wood Siding

A respected and prolific (he submits one or more projects almost every Art Jury session) architect sounds the alarm over the RSFA Board's restriction on wood siding.

Respect. Trust. Power.

My Sunday afternoon rant about bubbling frustrations between the Board and the Art Jury.

Sparks Fly As Board Prez Appoints New Art Juror in Special...

Short simple RSFA Board meeting to appoint a new Art Juror isn't so short and simple.

RSFA July Board Meeting: Failure to Cooperate

Contentious RSFA Board meeting. More regulations headed our way.

Our Most Important Election, Part 2

Election season has started! Read on to learn what happened at last night's annual general meeting.

RSFA Board Candidate: Michael Sperlinga

Meet RSFA Board candidate Michael Sperlinga.

RSFA Board Candidate: Rick Sapp

Meet RSFA Board candidate Rick Sapp.

RSFA Board Candidate: Paul Seitz

Meet RSFA Board candidate Paul Seitz.

RSFA Board Candidate: Ted Butz

Meet RSFA Board candidate Ted Butz.

RSFA Board Candidate: Greg Gruzdowich

Meet RSFA Board candidate Greg Gruzdowich.