Scott Thurman for RSFA Board

By Scott Thurman

 May 15, 2022

People say serving on the board is a thankless job. That may be true but running for the board sure isn’t. Everyday someone thanks me for running. They are grateful that someone wants to get involved because as it currently stands, it seems like it’s the worst thing to volunteer for. It’s my hope that those days will be in the past and, moving forward, our board will be a focused, cooperative, and respectful group that concentrates on getting things done that benefit the community as a whole.

In my business life, I work with both manufacturing teams and sales teams.  While they each function with different processes, priorities, and competing budgets, ultimately, they both have the common goal of ensuring that our clients have a positive experience. It doesn’t always go smoothly.  When it doesn’t, you need to be able to work with teams in a constructive manner with a focus on the common end result. I view the role of an Association Director to be very similar. We all have the common goal of enhancing the experience and amenities of the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. What we currently do not have is the focused, cooperative, and respectful team to get this done.

I would like to be that person for our community. To bring that cooperative spirit and respect back to governance. Volunteering for a three-year stint on the Association Board should not be something that our members dread. It should be part of what it means to be in the Covenant.  Volunteering for committees, positions within our various clubs, and even the Association Board should be a positive experience that promotes a sense of community.

If you believe in a cooperative and respectful board that is community-centric, then we are of like minds and I would appreciate your vote and your support.

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