Topic: Art Jury

April RSFA Board: Dumpster Fire Edition

The "everything else" that occurred in the disaster of a meeting during April. Read the other articles to read about the substantive decisions the Board took.

RSFA March Board Mtg: Broken Promises

Recap of the March 2022 RSF Association Board meeting.

RSFA February BOD: Art Jury, Art Jury, Art Jury

The substantive things that occurred in the February 2022 RSFA Board meeting.

Why The Art Jury Appointment Do-Over Is So Problematic

Bill Strong explains how the Art Jury selection process ignored the Protective Covenant and why this is a problem.

The Art Jury Appointment Do-Over

The Association is opening up self nominations for Art Jury again. I explain why.

RSFA Board Meeting: Everything Else

Contentious votes, golf club tree replanting, fee increases and more building restrictions.

The Notorious RDG

The board continues in its campaign to try to neuter the Art Jury.

Golf Club Abandons Wind Wall Project

The project to build a much needed wind wall for the golf club snack bar has been abandoned. Here's why.

June 15 RSFA Board Recap

Recap of June 15 meeting with another heavy emphasis on regulations.

The Stupidity of the Hardie Board Prohibition

Where I demolish the idiotic "legal" argument for the prohibition of fiber cement board.