Topic: Densification

California Threatens Encinitas If They Don’t Approve 277 Unit Apartments

This is just a taste of what will be headed our way in Rancho Santa Fe if SB9 gets modified, which seems likely at this point.

SB9 Not Dead Yet For RSF

Developers are lobbying politicians to get rid of the "HOA loophole" in SB9...

Encinitas Defers Goodson Apartment Vote

See inside for an informative video super cut of the City Council meeting.

Goodson Apartments One Vote Away From Being Approved

Rally to oppose Goodson apartments this Wednesday October 13th at 5pm.

SB9 and SB10 Are Now Law

The Association is trying to see if we are exempt from SB9 and/or what we can do to become exempt.

“CA Bill SB9 Would Destroy RSF”

SB9 could be an eventual existential threat to Rancho Santa Fe, and indeed, every HOA.

RSFA Member Input August 2021

Member input that was sent to the RSF Association board in advance of the August 2021 meeting.

Olivenhain Apartment Complex Update

Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development gives an update and asks for your help.

Could A Paradise Fire Disaster Happen Here?

The State of CA is bullying Encinitas to ignore normal safety reviews and approve a 283 unit high rise on our doorstep.

Goodson Project Application Deemed Complete

Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development is sounding the alarm over the huge 283 unit apartment complex just outside of Rancho Santa Fe.