Goodson Apartments One Vote Away From Being Approved

By Phil Trubey

October 10, 2021

As you may have heard, the Encinitas Planning Commission voted to deny the Goodson apartment project based on a variety of issues on August 19th (see this article for the full scoop).

All eyes are now on the Encinitas City Council as they take up appeals from the developer, Randy Goodson, and Encinitas RRD.

Encinitas RRD is arguing that while the planning commission did deny the project, it did so without also considering that the project would severely impact evacuation should a wildfire hit the area. Despite extensive evidence in the record, including scores of public letters, expert testimony, and two Encinitas RRD commissioned fire evacuation studies, there has been no significant analysis by Encinitas city staff, fire officials, or the planning commission on the fire evacuation issue. City staff’s position is that they lack the authority to deny the project as a public safety hazard.

The appeals will be heard at the first in-person (post Covid-19) city council meeting this Wednesday October 13th at 6pm. If the city council decides they have sufficiently deliberated the issue, they will vote to deny or accept the project. Residents of surrounding communities plan to meet in front of Encinitas city hall starting at 5pm.

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Update. Here is a link to the 70 pages of public comment the City Council has received for this meeting. The RSF Association’s letter pushing back against this development is at the end.

You can see the full record, including the appeals, by scrolling down this page.

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