Topic: Trees

August RSFA Board: Community Involvement

Community members helping each other was the theme of this month's Board meeting.

All Else From May 11 RSFA Board

Everything else that occurred during the 2023 RSFA Board meeting.

Save Our Palms: Learn Ways to Fight Deadly Weevils

Learn about the palm weevil that is killing our palms and also information about an upcoming community presentation.

RSFA December Board Meeting: Member Feedback Edition

Much welcome member feedback at this month's Board meeting.

Time to Replant Our Golf Course Trees

Chet Koblinsky asks the Association Board to prioritize tree planting around the golf course ring walking trail.

The RSF Forest Health & Preservation Committee

Learn about one of our critically important committees.

RSFA February BOD: Art Jury, Art Jury, Art Jury

The substantive things that occurred in the February 2022 RSFA Board meeting.

RSFA Board Meeting: Everything Else

Contentious votes, golf club tree replanting, fee increases and more building restrictions.

RSFA August Board Meeting

Jammed packed board meeting with lots of interesting things for everyone. Three other articles related to this board meeting were also published.

RSFA March BOD: Changes

Significant changes are being proposed in our building codes.