Topic: Water

SFID Lawsuit Is The Only Way Forward

SFID's bizarre decision last week to not appoint a director makes it clear there's only one way to get equitable water rates.

Marlene King’s Water News

SFID Board manages to appoint no one to replace the outgoing Director. Marlene King gives us the details and provides her usual irrigation district information.

May Water News: Budget Process

Marlene King talks about revenue shortfalls and how this is affecting the budgeting process. Open SFID board seat! Please consider running.

April Water News

What's going on at SFID during our interesting times.

Board Meeting: Steady As She Goes

Recap of the March 5 board meeting.

March Water News

Marlene King informs us of a new water leak credit program, and how to set it up using the new AMI Portal.

SFID Rate Hearing Redux

Marlene King gives her considered thoughts on the latest water rate increase.

SFID Increases Rates As Expected

SFID Board voted 4-1 to raise rates starting February 1st. Marlene King offers her critique.

Sound and Fury, Signifying…

At the recent Board meeting, three long presentations were made which likely will have no impact, while an item that took a minute affects most of us.

SFID Proposed New Water Rates

To understand the latest SFID rate increase, you need to understand past rate hikes.