Task Force Aims to Strengthen Community in the Village


In response to concerns regarding the loss of “community” in the Village, the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board convened the Village Revitalization Task Force to begin studying how planning, zoning, incentives, and design can enhance life in the Village.

The Village Revitalization Task Force includes Board President Ann Boon, Association Manager Bill Overton, and Board Director Mike Licosati. Other members include Robert Green, Larry Roberts, Christy Whalen, Todd Buchner, Bill Cardon, Paul Curcio, Marion Dodson, LaDonna Monsees, and Stacey Pennington.

Duties of the Task Force consist of collecting goals and future plans for the RSF Board to review. Members will also be responsible for researching and pursuing legal routes to achieve future plans.

Finding long-term solutions to revitalize the Village is a significant concern for the task force. However, short-term solutions to parking problems will also be addressed. One idea, that will help in the meantime, is increasing the amount of timed-parking in the Village. Part of the task force’s long-term goal is working toward incentivizing landowners to attract retail businesses.

The parking issue in the Village is one reason many retail shops and restaurants have located elsewhere. “Without retail, our Village lacks life,” Ann Boon, President of the RSF Association Board, wrote.

She continued, “Retail shops and restaurants provide energy, interest, and entertainment for visitors who are staying at The Inn or visiting relatives in the Covenant. The draw of retail shops and restaurants can provide the foundation for what we all seem to agree is very important to us: Community.”

One of the first meetings of the Village Revitalization Task Force will be held on September 2nd from 2 to 4 pm at Association office. The group will address the multi-layered problem of parking and how it connects to reinvigorating life in the Village. All meetings are open to the public.

*note: the task force was previously referred to as the Village Master Plan Task Force.