Delicias Restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe Set to Close After 19 Years

by  RSF Post

OCT 29, 2015

The Delicias Restaurant, in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe’s Village will close its doors the night of November 15. The restaurant, known for its cozy ambience, has been in business for 19 years, and its current owner, Owen Perry has operated the restaurant since 2008.

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“The reason for us leaving was very personal. With the lease being up, it was just something we couldn’t continue. The restaurant truly has provided some enjoyable times and some memorable times, and we’ve always tried to do our best,” Perry told the RSF Review

The closing of Delicias represents the struggle between retail and commercial space in the Village. This is one reason why the Village Revitalization Task Force was formed.

LaDonna Monsees, Chair of the Village Revitalization Task Force, said in a previous interview for the RSF Post that the committee “will be exploring options to increase the neighborhood-serving retail shopping and decrease the non-neighborhood-serving commercial/office space.” 

Owen Perry realized this same struggle. The RSF Review reports:

Over the years, Perry said, he saw the community change. As there are fewer stores and more real estate offices and banks, Delicias had to shift to stop offering lunch. Perry said that he, as much as anyone in Rancho Santa Fe, would like to see the village revitalized.

Perry is the co-owner of the Villa Group Resorts, a chain of luxury resorts throughout Mexico and his company is making moves to open two new resorts and a golf course.

“We’ve really enjoyed the experience, but the restaurant business is the type of business that takes a certain amount of effort to please the people that come in,” Perry said. “I’ve always taken that very seriously, and if I can’t give 110 percent I’d rather not do it.”

For more details on Perry’s decision, read the full story on the RSF Review

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