RSF Post Covenant Club Poll Results Show Community Needs Further Information

By RSF Post

March 1, 2016

Over the past few months, the Rancho Santa Fe community has deliberated over what a proposed Covenant Club might look like if constructed. On February 22, the Covenant Club Design Subcommittee wrapped up its portion of the feasibility study bringing the estimated total cost of building a swim and fitness facility to $15.8 million, up from about $11 million in 2014.

The RSF Post conducted a community survey of Covenant members to assess residents’ interest in building the proposed Covenant Club with the current information provided by the Design Subcommittee. In total, 343 unique respondents who own property in the RSF Covenant participated.

Residents were asked:

“Originally, the Covenant Club was estimated to cost between $9-$11 million. However, an independent cost consultant raised the estimate to $15.8 million. Absent any additional information, would you support building the Covenant Club if a vote were held today?”

Out of 343 responses, 47% stated they would not support building the Covenant Club while 24% said they are unequivocally in favor of constructing it. It should be kept in mind that it is the nature of a survey like this where folks strongly on one side or another participate in greater numbers than less passionate community members.

In any regard, the results tend to confirm that those in support of a Covenant Club may have some more work to do to convince their neighbors that the community is ready to move forward on the issue.

Of the RSF residents that didn’t take a strong position, 16% said they wouldn’t build it with current information, but are not totally opposed to it. 6% said they would probably support building the Covenant Club, but need additional information. And another 7% responded that they aren’t sure yet because it depends on the financing structure.

As the RSF Post community survey results stand now, the community is heavily divided over this issue. The poll results highlight the fact that many members of the Covenant need additional information in order to make an informed vote, confirming the sentiment expressed by Ann Boon last week.

“There are a lot of moving parts and we do not want to rush it. We want to make sure that when we go to a vote you know exactly what you are voting for and there are no surprises for anybody,” Ann Boon, RSFA Board President stated at the latest Covenant Club Design Subcommittee meeting.

The information from the Covenant Club Design Subcommittee is now being handed over to the Finance Subcommittee and Membership Subcommittee. These two subcommittees will be gathering further analysis to show community members how the proposed fitness and swim facility will be financed and what the membership structure will look like.

Financing information will be announced when the Finance and Membership Subcommittees convene in the coming months. Meeting dates are still to be determined, but will be posted on the Association calendar and may be announced at the upcoming Board meeting on March 3.

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