March Rescue Adoption Event Hugely Successful

by Janet Lawless Christ

MAR 10, 2016

It was a glorious and successful day all around when (pet whisperer) Amy Bramy from the real estate team of Janet Lawless Christ and Co at Coldwell Banker Rancho Santa Fe recently sponsored their second rescue pet adoption in collaboration with Rancho Coastal Humane Society on the lush front lawn of The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe!

Pet Adoption

Puppies and senior rescue pets alike had the chance to meet locals and tourists from all around. Youngsters played and ran with the pups, while older dogs enjoyed the sun, warm weather and the loving arms of adoring visitors.

Many adoption applications were taken from quite a few local families waiting to welcome their future furry family members. 

A couple traveling from Utah stopped by to take a look as they travel nationwide to photograph adoptable pets hoping to attract the right adoptive families. 

The rowdy boxer mix pup enjoyed frolicking with the children, wearing all of them out (much to the glee of their parents). And indeed puppies were matched with exuberant adoptive families.

Amy and the team plan on sponsoring ongoing rescue events at The Inn, which is pet friendly and greatly supportive of all things pet-oriented.  

For more information or a calendar of upcoming events please call Amy Bramy at: 858-705-0950 or check out the team website.

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