6th Annual ‘Bags & Baubles’ Fundraising Event Coming to RSF

by  RSF Post

MAR 28, 2016

The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE), a San Diego-based organization, specializing in fundraising for animals in need of life-saving care will hold their 6th annual “Bags & Baubles” event in Rancho Santa Fe on May 1.

The event, which will be held at a private residence in the Ranch, features an array of designer handbags, jewelry, and other accessories up for silent auction. All proceeds are donated to animals at risk of “economic euthanasia.”

According to the organization’s website, many pet owners cannot afford the critical care their pet needs and have no other option but euthanasia. FACE’s “Save A Life” program was created to help reverse this trend.

Working in conjunction with over 120 veterinary hospitals throughout San Diego County, FACE has saved over 1,000 animals since fundraising efforts began in 2006.

At last year’s “Bags & Baubles” event, FACE raised over $100,000 for pets in need of life-saving care.

If you wish to attend the event on Sunday, May 1, please register here. Registration is $25 per person.

For further information about this event please visit FACE’s website, email events@face4pets.org, or call (858) 450-3223.

Photo credit: FACE Foundation Success Stories



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