Op-Ed: Who Supports a Closed Market?

by Annie Golden

MAY 16, 2016

Our beloved Stump’s grocer went dark! Closed! And no replacement on the horizon. That has truly hurt our community.

But wait! Stumps is lit up again! Bright posters flank all the windows! They are campaign posters for HOA director nominees, Finkelson, Markstein and Danola! Another poster names all of the endorsers for these candidates. The owner of the building that once housed our community grocer endorses these candidates. The owner is a member of the public interest committee, PIC and the Homeowner’s Group (HOG). Membership to both of these groups is by invitation only. This leaves me to believe that the owner of the space vacated by Stumps, all those named endorsers AND their candidates must be in support of no community market for Rancho Santa Fe. They are all working together to further their cause.

Having a central and visible vacant storefront has provided them a great opportunity for their marketing purposes. It’s also a good reminder NOT to vote for their candidates.

Not a good vote if you vote for Finkelson, Markstein and Danola.

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