Farewell from Former Board Member, Ann Boon

By Ann Boon

July 8, 2016

After nearly eight years of volunteering for the Association, I feel that it is time to devote myself to other personal and philanthropic interests.

Some very exciting changes have occurred recently in my family life that convinced me the moment is right to make this move. 

Yesterday, I retired from the RSFA Board of Directors.

I have learned a lot over the years about the history of Rancho Santa Fe, about how our Covenant works, California HOA law and how challenging it can be to balance competing interests in a community. 

As I look back over my five years on the Association Board, especially the last two years, I am almost amazed myself at the progress that has been made. I want to acknowledge with great appreciation the Board members with whom I served over the past two years. We could not have accomplished all that we did without their combined abilities and commitment to the betterment of Rancho Santa Fe.

Today, your Association is run efficiently with up-to-date accounting, financial and organizational systems in place. The reporting and accountability to members have been raised to the standards that we all deserve. Your staff is well trained, professional and hard working. As a team, they are dedicated to serving the members of the Covenant.

In leaving, I extend my warmest best wishes to the entire RSFA staff and to the new Board.

Many of us believe that challenges remain to secure the future of the Ranch. Nevertheless, no one can dispute the fact that this is a beautiful and special place.

I am going to join the rest of you and just enjoy the pleasures of living in RSF, riding my horse and walking my dogs on the trails. I think I will reread 100 Years of Solitude and remind myself how things turned out for Macondo. 

And, then, there is a new little life that is calling to me from Denver. “Somewhere over the Rockies…That’s where you’ll find me….”

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