This Is Rancho Santa Fe – Porta Potty Edition

By Phil Trubey

July 25, 2017

Having school age children means that I use my fair share of the Rancho Santa Fe Association recreation fields. There is a wonderfully large soccer field, and three well maintained beautiful baseball diamonds.

And a perpetual porta potty.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the City of Chula Vista would be embarrassed if their sports fields were served by porta potties. Not temporarily, but permanently.

But here in Rancho Santa Fe, we seem to be fine with it. Or at least, our various Association Boards have ranked a lot of other projects over the years higher than the aesthetics of a very visible and well used field. Indeed, thinking about it, I’m surprised no one has complained to the Association about this obvious contravention of the Association’s own rules and regulations about property upkeep.

I talked to Bob Hall, our Association manager about it. He said that Association employees are ready and willing to conduct (or contract) a feasibility study to determine cost and expense of building a permanent restroom structure. An updated version of any of the three on-course Golf Course restrooms I would imagine.

But the board needs to prioritize it before the Association can move.

Which brings up another interesting point. How do you go about lobbying the Association Board anyways? All Association employee contact info is available on the Association web site. Board members, not so much. I guess you could attend a Board meeting. If you hunt around on the Association website, you can find out when the next one takes place. But wait, you’ll have to get an agenda item first. Gosh, maybe it’ll just be easier to write an article instead…

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