RSFA June Board Mtg: Quick Hits

By Phil Trubey

June 7, 2020

Quick recap of some items discussed in the June RSFA Board meeting.

RSFA Is Open Again

All Association services are (nearly) back to normal. The restaurant is open for sit down dining, and now has a brand new menu. The restaurant will continue its popular take out service. Association offices are now open for member visits, but the Association requests that members make appointments if they need to visit the offices so they can minimize unneeded contact.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

The Board approved a new Volunteer Code of Conduct that all Board and committee members must now sign. I printed out the the new code of conduct and other associated documents, and my printer kept churning out pages. 32 pages in all! 

On an unrelated note, there are now three openings on the Finance Committee waiting to be filled by volunteers.

SFID Board

As we recently reported, the Santa Fe Irrigation District Board deadlocked on appointing a new Board member to serve out the rest of Ken Dunford’s term. The County Board of Supervisors will now (hopefully) appoint the Board member. The Association reached out and found a new potential SFID Board candidate that would be an effective advocate for Rancho, Frank Creede. Creede has served on a number of Association committees in the past. The Association will recommend to the County Board of Supervisors that they appoint Creede to the SFID Board.

4th of July Parade Cancelled For Now

Due to County restrictions, the Association was forced to cancel the 4th of July parade, unless we are rescued at the last minute by the County Board of Supervisors. The Association will look to incorporate a parade into the fall Rancho Days event.

Huge Giant Massive Encinitas Apartment Complex on our Doorstep

That large apartment complex we wrote about here, here and here was discussed. Dan Vaughn, Board Chair of Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development was in attendance and shared his concerns about the project. Stopping this project, if it can be stopped, may require a protracted legal battle. At this point, the Association will contact Encinitas expressing their concerns.

RSF Connect Update

Solid pace of installations in May with 91 new members connected. 

Based on feedback I’ve received from residents, I continue to strongly suggest you hire your own contractor to dig your own conduit from the street to your house. Likewise, I suggest contacting an inside wiring company to get your in-house WiFi network up to snuff. The inside wiring company can also supervise the conduit trenching. As usual, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

By the way, someone I know who had been suffering with Internet service delivered via satellite was blown away by how good the RSF Connect service is. They had no idea that you could stream crisp high definition video (frankly, better quality than DirecTV) with zero buffering.

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