Please Vote on Covenant Modification

By Steve Dunn

 August 20, 2020

Outgoing RSFA board director Steve Dunn gives his thoughts.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who I happened to deal with in the last three years of my tenure on the Board of Directors. For the most part, the overall membership of this community is passionate about its many positive attributes and will fight for keeping the community that way.

I am greatly disappointed however in the total lack of interest in our community when it comes to voting and timely submitting a ballot.  In this year’s election for two Board seats which was contested by five nominees, a total of 3,521 ballots were sent to Covenant members but only 1,233 were returned, or a 35% return rate. That hardly depicts a community that is engaged and is looking for the Board to be representative of the whole community. While I realize that the Covid 19 virus has upended most of our regular daily routines, most of our community is at home, so the normal excuses for not voting because of traveling, business engagements and the like are not valid this year!

But alas, you have some time to redeem yourselves by taking the time to vote the Covenant Modification ballot. The question on the ballot is whether, or not, to allow the creation of a columbarium (decorative niches) to be built on properties zoned J-Religious Edifices. There are only two properties within the entire Covenant that are Zoned J, the Village Community Presbyterian Church and the Church of Christ Science. The original request was put to the Art Jury by the Village Church last fall, as they wished to create a decorative wall of niches (small locked, weather-proof boxes which hold the ashes of a deceased loved one) within their existing Prayer Garden; however, the original Covenant written in 1929 prohibited such construction along with cemeteries, crematoriums and the like. Thus, the requirement to modify the Covenant which is a tall order as it requires the positive vote of 2/3rds of both the total ballots and the property area of the entire Covenant.

At the same time the ballots for the Board membership vote were sent, a separate ballot for the Covenant Modification was also sent. There were 2,016 ballots sent, as the ballots representing the properties owned by the Association had already been voted by the Board of Directors in favor of the Modification. As of August 6th, only about 42% of the Covenant Modification ballots had been received by the Association office, so the Director of Elections extended the delivery date for 60 days in hope that an additional 30-40% of outstanding ballots could be received. So PLEASE send in your Covenant Modification ballot before October 5th!! If you lost it or cannot find it contact the Association Office at 858-756-1174 and request a replacement. Your community depends on you!!

Steve Dunn (former Association Board member 2017-2020)

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