Let’s Work Together To Reduce Speeding

By Adele Hendricks

November 9, 2020

As residents of Rancho Santa Fe covenant, we continue to be concerned with the increasing number of speeding vehicles in our area. We have published our concerns in recent articles (here and here) and have spoken to the Patrol and the CHP regarding our concerns.   We appreciate the acknowledgement of our efforts that the RSF Patrol recently published (click here to read).  Although it addresses our concern it makes no effort to obtain a solution or quell the problem.

This letter is to formally request the RSFA board begin to actively look into this issue and assist the community in finding a solution to the problem.  Please also be aware that we intend to begin obtaining signatures from residents, passing out flyers that summarizes our concern (click here to download flyer).  Our goal is to bring further awareness and action to the problem.

We will be gathering signatures to petition our County Supervisor to look closely at the number of accidents and the level of traffic enforcement within our community, In doing so we feel they will find that reducing the speed limits, installing speed monitors, increase CHP presence and installing safety stops will save lives and make our community more safe for all.

As we struggle with the increased density in our area, the appropriate officials need to make corrective action, or take responsibility for the accidents that will result.  It is irresponsible for any authority involved not to look closely at the danger they impose by not responding to increasing density upon our old streets and not make necessary changes due to the traffic.  

Let’s save lives, let’s save our quiet equestrian community by addressing these issue together, today.

To sign a petition (click here to download) or to get involved, please contact Margo Atkins, Laura Stuber or Adele Hendricks.

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