Odds and Ends

By Phil Trubey

December 18, 2020

How We Roll

When people approach me to have an article published in the RSF Post, they are often surprised at how quick and easy it is to do. As I tell people, and I’m telling you now, I will publish pretty much anything as long as you are willing to put your name to it. Two recent examples are here and here.

Some people don’t feel they have the time or wherewithal to write, so if it is an important enough subject, I’m happy to interview you and write a story based on the interview like I did here and here.

Some people have something to say but really really want to remain anonymous. That’s fine too. If we’re having a conversation and you say, “please don’t quote me” or “this is off the record”, I will keep your confidence and might only use the information to inform my opinions on future articles. As I’ve said to more than a few people recently, if I had a dollar for every time someone said this to me, I’d be able to retire twice 😀. 

We also support anonymous posts on our forums. Anyone can create a pseudonym (“screen name”) and anonymously post to their heart’s content. I delete anything that looks like spam or that crosses an egregious behavior line, but I try to leave the heated debates and discussions alone.

Some people feel they can’t publish in the RSF Post due to a feeling of bias on my part, and that’s unfortunate. Even though I often express my views, I would be delighted to publish a story 180 degrees contrary to what I think or wrote on any topic. Having said that, I must confess to being rather heavy handed when I first inherited this editor position about 18 months ago and probably chased away some folks that were critical of the RSF School Board and management (even though we had just published no less than five articles critical of Roger Rowe’s management herehereherehere and here. My one article about the school was an attempt to provide some balanced coverage). So if you want to write an article, please don’t feel constrained.

Moreover, there are several parts of our community that I do not have much visibility into. If you know a lot about what is going on at Roger Rowe, our churches, Santa Fe Irrigation District, equestrian activities, tennis, golf or other areas, we would all love to hear about it. 

In summary, I’d like you to think of the RSF Post as your gateway to influencing our community as a whole. If you are frustrated about something, think something could be done better, or have praise for a job well done, please consider using the many ways that the RSF Post offers to get your thoughts out to the wider community. We all benefit when we communicate more. 

How To Get a Free Vehicle

That isn’t a click bait or hyped headline. As I mentioned in a rather provocatively headlined article, you can save a lot of money every year simply by buying an electric vehicle rather than a gasoline powered one. SDG&E has a special time of use rate that is available only to owners of electric vehicles (EVs). Look at the chart that was emailed to me yesterday by SDG&E which compares what I pay and would have paid on different SDG&E pricing plans. The EVTOU5 rate is available to me since I sent in a form with my Tesla’s VIN to qualify. As you can see, I’m saving about $8,000 a year on my electric bill on this special rate (yes, we use a LOT of electricity, please don’t judge me!). 

Over five years, a Tesla Model 3 will be free, and over ten, a higher end Model S will be free with these discounts. Your “mileage” will vary depending on how much electricity you consume, but you get the idea. Also, folks that have solar panels won’t get as much or any benefit since they have different rate structures and they generate electricity at cheaper rates than what SGD&E charges.

Merry Christmas!

This is probably the last article that is going to be posted here on the RSF Post until after Christmas (unless one of you fine folk surprises me with a Christmas present of an article!), so I shall wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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