New & Existing Homeowner Resources


Just bought a house in Rancho Santa Fe or surrounding area? Check out these useful resources.

Internet & Phone

For those living within the RSF Covenant, you want to sign up with the RSF Connect gigabit fiber Internet network. They also have hard line telephone at $10/month/unlimited as well as TV. Click here for a review. For those not living in the Covenant, click here to read an article that explores other options.

Postal Mail

If your postal mail gets delivered to a PO Box, you can get it delivered to your front door M-F through RSF Mail Delivery Solutions. They will also pick up outgoing UPS/FedEx/Postal packages and letters.

Trash Hauling

Edco and Waste Management are the two companies operating in this area. If you need the small 3 Yard dumpsters instead of individual pails, I’d highly recommend Edco since they are cheaper, don’t lock you into a contract and are friendlier to deal with.


If you use propane, check out this discussion forum where residents talk about the cheapest and best provider.

Water Leaks

Sign up for the local water utility’s portal (Santa Fe Irrigation District) so that you can automatically monitor your water usage to alert you to water leaks.

Community Organizations

There are a lot of local community groups that do everything from sports, gardening, concerts, and the arts. Check out this article which lists these organizations.

Home Technology Integrators

Looking for whole house lighting control? Bullet proof WiFi? Security cameras? High end homes can get pretty complicated. Here’s an article that recommends several local integrators to help you with your next technology installation.


By far the best way to keep up to date with local news and events is to subscribe to the RSF Post mailing list. You’ll get an email about once a week alerting you to when we publish new articles. Check out our comprehensive community calendar and our community discussion forum on our web site as well.

Office Space

If you’re looking for an occasional or small office space, this company has a shared office facility in the RSF Village right beside the post office.

RSF Association Recreation

Don’t forget to ask the RSF Association for information about joining our very active and vibrant Golf and Tennis (including Pickleball) clubs. General information about Association Recreation facilities (including a fishing pond and overnight camping spot!) is available here.

Youth Sports

There are also a variety of local youth sports organizations including RSF Little League Baseball, RSF Attack Soccer, Friday Night Lights Flag Football, and Eagles Lacrosse.

Village Barber

The Rancho Santa Fe Barber Salon is a single owner operator, full service barber located in the heart of the Village. Appointments can be made quickly and easily via your web browser.