SB9 Not Dead Yet For RSF

By Phil Trubey

February 18, 2022

Like a zombie rising from the grave, SB9, the new law that allows up to four housing units on a lot, may yet come back and wreck RSF. One of the law’s authors, Scott Wiener, was heard at a recent meeting saying that he was working to remove the “HOA loophole” from SB9.

Basically, our one party State won’t be happy until no area is safe from urbanification.

Citizens are fighting back and there is a glimmer of hope. A group of people came together last fall and wrote a proposed State Proposition to be added to the November 2022 ballot. The proposed proposition would give local zoning control back to cities and counties by preventing any State law from overriding local zoning. This would invalidate SB9, SB10 and anything else Sacramento dreams up. Here’s a backgrounder on how the group came together and who is behind it.

I’ve read the proposed law (which would be a CA constitutional amendment) and it looks sensible and workable to me. It has carve outs for State mandated placement of power plants, telecommunications, water and other critical infrastructure and also still gives precedence to the California Coastal Commission.

Regrouping for 2024

To get the proposition onto a state wide ballot, the group, Our Neighborhood Voices, needed to gather approximately 1.5 million signatures by the end of March. And since the effort really only start last November, they simply ran out of time to gather signatures via local groups.

This article was going to include a list of signature gathering events, which have all now been cancelled. The group will now refine their message, and take their time building a large scale bipartisan signature gathering organization to hopefully get the proposition before voters in time for the 2024 presidential election.

I’ll be watching this group and will report back on any developments.

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