Paul Seitz For RSFA Board

By Paul Seitz

May 15, 2022

We are all truly blessed to be living in this community, particularly at a time in our history when togetherness is more important than ever. The pandemic has brought greater awareness to the gifts of this space we live in, and the people around us who call it home.

I moved my family here to raise our children nearly a decade ago, and our daughter is finishing 4th grade at Roger Rowe. During my time living in RSF, I have participated in many facets of the community, including working with the Art Jury and Board on major renovations to my property. I have developed an insight into how the Association Board works with the residents it is supposed to represent.

While some might want a cohesive board where there is little dissent, I feel that the strongest board is one that is open to debate, respects differing points of view and reaches consensus that is as responsive as possible to all the voices in our community. I will hear your voices: Those of younger families, long-standing residents, equestrians, garden-lovers, trail hikers, golfers, and everyone who calls RSF home. While I will actively engage in debate when I feel those voices are not heard, my goal is to achieve the best compromise to ensure that the fairest outcome is reached for all residents while protecting this beautiful community.

Part of the effort to ensure your voices are heard is to hold predominantly open meetings where members can join in-person or via the internet, as each of us has learned how to navigate that space during the pandemic. Executive Sessions should only be called when truly necessary. Openness is the hallmark of a well-functioning board. Did you know that some candidates have banded together to support each other’s candidacy? Of course, this is their right in a democratic system, but why not be forthcoming about this to the entire community? You will always know where I stand on the issues. At the same time, I am always interested in well-reasoned arguments to show me why I should change my mind.

Some may say that I am not the strongest candidate in the field. I did not work for a large corporation as a CEO, COO or CFO. I am a former Marine having served in multiple combat missions. I am a classic “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” American. I am a small business owner and horse ranch owner who loves horses and natural horsemanship that respects the horse and the communication between us. Those of us who know horses know that leadership is what defines a true horseman/woman. A leader is one that displays traits that others want to follow. Whether that is in the human world or the horse world. I will bring my leadership style which brings something that is sorely needed on our board: Common sense.

Our RSF Association has always had the role of protecting our community as it grows and moves forward. As a member of the Association Board, I would be honored to become one of the leaders assisting in this capacity.

Please connect with me at and I’d be happy to answer any specific questions.

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