RSFA June Board Meeting

By Phil Trubey

June 15, 2022

The RSFA Board held their meeting on Tuesday this week instead of the usual Thursday to coincide with the Board election ballot counting. I posted the Association’s results email here.

Thank you to all members who voted. We had a solid voter turnout this year, continuing the recent trend:

The new RSFA Board consisting of Rick Sapp, Lorraine Kent, Greg Gruzdowich, Dan Comstock, Courtney LeBeau, Scott Thurman and Phil Trubey will meet at the next regular Board meeting in July.

Temporary As Built Structure Allowed With Stringent Conditions and Fine

A homeowner received Art Jury approval to build a permanent 15 stall barn on October 2020 whereupon they tried to acquire a County permit for the same. About a year later, having expected to be able to stable their horses on their property by then, they built a temporary barn while waiting for the County to get its act together. The Association issued a stop work order on the temporary barn, fined the homeowner during executive session on December 2, 2021 and referred the homeowner to the Art Jury.

On May 3rd, 2022 the Art Jury recommended that the Board allow construction of the temporary barn and its use for up to three years while the homeowner waits for the County permit and permanent barn construction. In addition, they asked for a $100K deposit that would be used by the Association to take down the temporary barn should the timeline not be met. This would be recorded as a deed restriction.

The Board voted 6-0 to accept these conditions.

Association Declines To Let Homeowner Maintain Association Property

A homeowner, whose property directly abuts the golf course, requested that they be allowed to “install and maintain irrigation and landscaping, including tree and shrub planting and maintenance” on Association owned land between the golf course riding trail and the property owner’s land.

The Board voted 5-2 to deny this request citing a future potential trail drainage project and the general principle of wanting to maintain flexibility over Association land use.

From Google Earth maps, the Association appears to be maintaining the property piece in question, as you would expect since it fronts the golf course.

Association Survey Results Still Being Received

The Association has received about 500 responses to the electronic survey they sent out. They will wait until July 1st before cutting off submissions, and then wait until the August Board meeting before presenting the results.

Lighting Regulation Meeting Part 2

Another meeting about the lighting regulation will take place June 22nd at 3pm at the golf club. This meeting has been described as a workshop.

New Patrol Car Logo & Speeding Update

The Association has decided to rebrand our RSF Patrol vehicles with a new look:

With regard to the supercar speeding problem we have on Saturday mornings, I talked with a Patrol officer recently and he told me that they actually had two CHP cars handing out speeding tickets last Saturday. Around four people were ticketed and warnings were given to others. He told me that CHP resources depends on various factors out of our control. He also stated that the RSF Patrol helped with various traffic calming measures.

Anecdotally, I heard less high speed engine revving last Saturday morning.

I am hoping that this is all that it will take. Hand out four or so tickets every Saturday morning for a while and people will get the message.

Art Jury Appointment Process

Bill Weber submitted a completely redrafted Art Jury selection process for Board comment. It appears to contain similar flaws to the last one he proposed two months ago. Specifically, he once again wants to codify that the membership not be informed who the Art Jury nominees are, even though this is what the Covenant spells out as a procedure. I gave more extensive thoughts about this two months ago, those arguments still hold.

Dues and Fees Increase

Zero member input was received about the fees and dues schedule posted for comment at the last Board meeting. The Board thus approved the new fee schedule at this meeting effective July 1st.

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