Revised Golf Course Phase 3 Plan Approved

By Phil Trubey

November 6, 2022

Eastern portion of the driving range renovation.

The RSF Golf Course presented a revised Phase 3 renovation plan and budget at the November RSFA Board meeting. It increased both the scope and cost substantially. Since golf course revenues have been well ahead of projections, both the Finance committee and Board deemed the club could afford the increased cost and approved the expenditures which are borne 100% by the golf club.

Scope changes were almost inevitable since we have relatively new management at the golf club and they were always going to have their own input into plans made several years ago.

Driving Range and Short Game Upgrades

Phase 3 will upgrade the driving range and short game practice areas.

The driving range main eastern deck will be lowered. Four target “greens” will be built in the range with accompanying bunkers. You’ll have target greens at around 100, 165 and 200 yards from the eastern main tees (or shorter as tees move around), with similar targets from the western tees. New Turfhound mats will also be installed.

In addition, the asphalt cart path providing access to the western side of the driving range will be replaced with a  new surface that will work better with the large number of tree roots that would uplift any normal hardscape. Some lower limb tree pruning will be included, but no trees are to be removed.

The short game area will be renovated to allow more people to be able to use it at the same time while allowing practice shots from 100 yards in.

It is hoped that these changes will start in January and take three months, but crucially, this timeline is dependent on acquiring permits which are still in process.

Incidentally, for all you golfers reading this. If you have a bad slice, please drive to the far western side of the driving range and practice there. Apparently, quite a few errant golf balls from the driving range manage to sail over the road and into member’s backyards. Our teaching pros are also really good. Scott Johnson managed to cure my bad slice and I can now play 18 holes with zero slices off the tee (although I’ve been managing to hook my final tee shot on the 18th fairly consistently, sigh).

Comfort Stations

The golf club also asked for a slight cost increase in a budgeted comfort station item. The club wants to add stainless steel cabinets at the 6th and 16th restroom areas to provide golfers with light snacks and beverages as an amenity.

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