Rachel Laffer

Tell Our New Board No

Lisa Bartlett makes an argument to recind the recent cost sharing agreement between the RSFA and the Golf Club.

RSFA’s Under-the-Radar Resolution Denies Our Democratic Rights

Once again, our Board gets an F for transparency.

Of Bolsheviks and Basic Services

Rachel's latest newsletter recapping an eventful month.

A Star is Reborn

Rachel's latest newsletter discusses our site's changes and reminds folks about the Association annual meeting.

Residents React to Jane van Praag’s Public Hearing

Residents react to the April 1st public hearing to remove Jane van Praag from the CDRC.

Keep Rancho Freaky?

Oh my. What do you do when you're hip deep in controversy? Well, hiding is not an option...

Crises, Cuts and Comebacks

Rachel provides background information on our school budget cuts.

Open Communication in an AI-Orwellian World

Our secret to having a finger on the pulse of our community? You, our readers, who provide invaluable tips. Keep it coming!

No More Wire Hangers! Or Toilets with Plumbing! Or Playgrounds!

Seriously?? The Association trashes a 6 year old $25K playground 'cause they can't handle repairing it?

Post-Holiday Update: Ageless Beauty in a Med Spa World

2019 is starting off on the right foot!