Rachel Laffer

RSF Take Five With Cutter Clotfelter

The Post has launched a new Q&A column, “RSF Take Five,” and its grand debut's first guest is RSFHS President Cutter Clotfelter, whose legendary family is as Rancho as Rancho gets.

SEL and School Boards: The Latest Culture War Cocktail

If you want to witness the latest culture war, attend a school board meeting.

Who Needs Rodeo When We’ve Got Paseo

While most residents are not into Paseo becoming Rodeo, our little town has been authentically upping its game and a lot is coming online to revitalize our village.

RSF Inn: Unfortunate PR and a Romance Gone Wrong 

RSF Post Editor explains how a lack of communication is affecting our beloved Inn's relationship with clientele and the community, and what can be done to fix it.

Life on the Ranch: Money, Politics and a Whole Lot of...

Our new editor explains the lawsuit former director Bill Strong has brought against the Association.

Tell Our New Board No

Lisa Bartlett makes an argument to recind the recent cost sharing agreement between the RSFA and the Golf Club.

RSFA’s Under-the-Radar Resolution Denies Our Democratic Rights

Once again, our Board gets an F for transparency.

Of Bolsheviks and Basic Services

Rachel's latest newsletter recapping an eventful month.

A Star is Reborn

Rachel's latest newsletter discusses our site's changes and reminds folks about the Association annual meeting.

Residents React to Jane van Praag’s Public Hearing

Residents react to the April 1st public hearing to remove Jane van Praag from the CDRC.