Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club

The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club commenced operations in 1926. A small group of families in the area wanted to further the advancement of gardening and landscaping the Ranch, which was then three years old. An anonymous donor contributed funds to build a clubhouse. Other members donated the furnishings. The club was incorporated as a nonprofit California corporation in 1937 and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the U.S Internal Revenue Service. During World War II, the building was the headquarters for many war agencies. It was designated a Civilian Causality Center. Among other activities, the making of wreaths for military hospitals began.

The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club sponsored the first two fall Fashions Shows of the Country Friends and the first clean-up and anti-litter campaign in San Diego County.

Cooperation between the Garden Club and the Rancho Santa Fe Association began in 1957 with the overall beautification of roadside plantings, and the landscaping of the school, the Gold Club and the post office. The Club was granted a formal exception from federal Income Tax in 1966 as an educational and charitable organization. While there is no capital stock outstanding, the bylaws provide that the voting and interests of all active members shall be equal. In 1971, the Articles of Incorporation were revised to broaden the purposes – to promote home and civic beautification, to conduct horticulture exhibits and shows, and to sponsor social and cultural programs. Soon after, the members began to talk about a new, larger clubhouse. By 1974, land was donated and building funds were received for the old building as well as generous monetary donations from members. Architectural plans were then created for a new building. Much cooperative work, time planning, and the dedication of the members contributed to a beautiful building which housed the club and its many events until 2014. Maintenance of the building became a burden and the building was sold to its present owners who lease a majority of the space to Epic Events, as well as a small space back to RSF Garden Club where our resale shop “Bloom Again” is located. The Garden Club continues to utilize the space leased by Epic Events to host several club events each year.

RSF Garden Club Today

Today, the club’s growing membership continues the ideas and untiring work of the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club for the betterment of the community with its active philanthropic program. We share our appreciation of gardening and grow together with the community by providing grants to other non-profit organizations that serve Rancho Santa Fe and the Greater San Diego County area. Our grants program has funded horticulture and conservation projects such as San Pasqual Academy, San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, Coastal Roots Farm, The Nature Collective, TERI, Balboa Park Conservancy and several local elementary school gardens.

The RSF Garden Club has an active activities calendar including local day trips, workshops and events. Membership is open to everyone, so come be a part of the fun!