Reply To: Not for Thin-Skinned to Read What They Think of Us

Transparent RSF

Just have a few questions…

It was very clear during the meeting that the majority in the room was in favor of supporting our volunteer elected Board of Directors to go through their process of dealing with the hot potato they were handed. Pursuant to the conclusion of the Townhall meeting (which by the way had been requested at the December meeting by the minority) we should all support the BOD in their efforts (it was even  acknowledged by Mr. Krisel and Zarrabian in their discussion/presentation – “we do not intend to sue the Association”).

So what next? We should all let the process go through.

While we all appreciate the concerns of Mr. Whittemore, Krisel and Zarrabian there is still one overhanging dark cloud. They elected to retain Mr. Aguirre for their efforts and we are all aware of what transpired the last time Mr. Aguirre was involved in with the Association (i.e. the contentious Illegal Grading lawsuit).

If, as stated during the meeting, Mr. Whittemore, Krisel and Zarrabian are not intending to sue the Association then has Mr. Aguirre’s “retained” agreement been terminated? If not, then what?

Many thanks as it could be very concerning based on very recent history.