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Longtime Resident

Thank you Adam Smith for setting the record straight. Prior to the PPP Loan debacle and other evidence of board mistakes, many of us RSFA members, myself included, had been accepting at face value whatever statements RSFA and RSFGC board members made.

These elected board members are just human of course, but by my smart neighbors pointing out misstatements and giving the corrections, it really makes me wonder if it’s time for accountability and new leadership to join these boards.

I’m voting for Dick Clotfelter for the RSFA Board because I believe he has the the temperament to bring civility back to the Association board, and he has the experience and intelligence to right the ship and  steer our community back to being a well run HOA representing its homeowners and communicating with them honestly and openly about what’s going on in our community.

I was very turned off by the emails sent by current board members throwing mud at Clotfelter, making what have now been shown to be defamatory untrue statements about him.

What is the current board scared of about Clotfelter? I’ve never met him, but reading about him, he strikes me as just what our community needs in a leadership position. And because the current board didn’t fairly let his credentials be evaluated by members and voted on, I am really concerned about what they are trying to cover up by trying to keep him off the board and only have their cronies on the board with them. That alone makes me want Clotfelter and Alario to bring fresh eyes and independent voices to the Association board.