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      FYI in the association newsletter, buried in the bottom of the June 11 agenda is a once in 5-10 year update to the golf facility operational responsibility resolution.

      No member input provided, but set to be adopted June 11.

      It might be all good stuff, but hard to say on such short notice.

      Shouldn’t this be put up for member input before adoption?

      And isn’t it odd this is happening just prior to the start of a new board?

      Shouldn’t the to be incoming board rather than the current board adopt this in the interest of possibly more current resident views?

      Again, it might be all an improvement, but why rush such an important and long lasting resolution?


      Approve the amended Resolution Regarding the Managerial, Operational and Financial Responsibility for the Golf Facilities. Background/Analysis The original Resolution Regarding the Managerial, Operational and Financial Responsibility for the Golf Facilities (Resolution) was approved in 1987 and has been amended numerous times over the years, most recently in 2017.

      Recently, representatives of the Golf Club Board and Board of Directors met to discuss and review needed updates to the Resolution. The proposed amended Resolution is attached. The proposed amendments include a number of updates and changes including the following:

      1. The Golf Club General Manager will report to the Golf Club’s Board of Governors on day-to-day operations including, but not limited to, course management, member services, pro shop operations, lessons, programming and events and facility management.

      2. The Golf Club General Manager will report to the Association Manager on personnel, legal, and financial matters including construction projects involving external agencies.

      3. The Golf Club will operate the Ranch Clubhouse for the benefit of all Association members.

      4. The Association will contribute to the operations of the Ranch Clubhouse an amount of $500,000 for Fiscal Year 2024-2025 and annually ties to a Consumer Price Index (CPI) escalator.

      5. A staff working group, led by the Food & Beverage Director, and including the Association Manager, will meet at a regular time to collaborate on the use of the Ranch Clubhouse and review Clubhouse operations.

      6. At least once per year, the Golf Club General Manager, or designee, will conduct a presentation to the Association Board regarding programing, operations, and financial performance at the Ranch Clubhouse.

      7. Within 180 days of the approval of this resolution, the Food & Beverage Director shall review the operations and finances of the food and beverage function and present their recommendations, if any, to the Board.

      8. The affairs of the Golf Club shall be governed by Golf Club documents, in the event of a conflict between the Golf Club documents and the governing documents of the Association, the Association governing documents will prevail.

      It is anticipated that the proposed amendments will continue to improve the management, operations, and financial responsibilities of the Golf Club and Rancho Santa Fe Association, as well as strengthen the relationship between the two.

      Member Input None.

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